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Overview of What to Do While Driving in Oz

Like other nations, Australia has its own set of rules and regulations for vehicular traffic on public thoroughfares. Despite many similarities, Australian traffic laws differ from those of its sister countries in many respects. Moreover, like their fellow earthly inhabitants, Aussies are not immune to involvement in traffic accidents.

Below is a brief overview of Oz traffic laws and steps to take if involved in an accident.


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Lasting Laughs

Making memories at a wedding is simple enough - after all, the event is a once in a life time opportunity.

One idea is to take a sort of fairy tale approach to the photographs. Whether the photographer is taking the photos facing the couple's faces or their backs, there is an opportunity to create a wonderland-like feel to the photographs. Like the example photo, it can be taken in a forest, ...

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Age Doesn't Have To Come Before Beauty


In many ways, our later period of life truly deserves the title of "Golden Years". Aging includes more time to devote to interests and hobbies and the experience and wisdom to be better at them, among other things. But aging means other changes as well, some of them physical. The most outwardly noticeable are to an individual's hair and skin. The degree of and when these changes occur are affected by ...

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Corporate events have a substantial amount of pote

Corporate events have a substantial amount of potential to impact a company's exposure, as well as impact the brand's public perception. The gravity that is currently assigned to corporate events demands that a great deal of thought and preparation be invested in planning a corporate event. As much of the elements of the global business market are evolving, so are the micro-mechanisms that allow enterprises to develop a high level of functionality, profitability and community ...

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Landlord Liability?

Landlord Liability? Since when did I become thy brother's (tenant's) keeper?

This question I asked of myself when I received an overdue utility bill in the mail on Saturday June 14th (conveniently received on a day the City of Lincoln Center is not open to call and discuss the matter), along with a letter explaining their June 9th City Council Meeting decision. This bill was sent to my address in my name, ...

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