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How to Shrink a Fat Butt

When you consume foods which contain too much sugar and fat, the body is unable to utilize all of it as energy. What follows is the body converts the sugars into fat which is stored in the body around the thighs, hips and the butt.
Below are tips of how to shrink fat butt.

1. Engage in strength training exercises

Strength training exercises are perfect for that individual ...

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When is it bankruptcy fraud?

Bankruptcy serves a vital role in the economy. Without bankruptcy, some debtors would never be able to dig their way out of debt. With no ability to discharge debts, they would have to pay their debt by going to prison. At the very least, debtors with no way out could never recover and become contributing members of society. Bankruptcy should be viewed as a tool for those that intend to repay their debts but ultimately ...

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Landlord Liability?

Landlord Liability? Since when did I become thy brother's (tenant's) keeper?

This question I asked of myself when I received an overdue utility bill in the mail on Saturday June 14th (conveniently received on a day the City of Lincoln Center is not open to call and discuss the matter), along with a letter explaining their June 9th City Council Meeting decision. This bill was sent to my address in my name, ...

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Walmart Express issue/debate

Before I begin to infuriate anyone, let me clearly say that I DO understand and respect more than one perspective on this matter at hand with the Walmart Express being considered/built in Ellsworth.

I am originally from Salina. There, I operated a small business that I had started several years ago, and offered the first "On-Site" computer repair services in Salina, until other computer "techs" had realized that I was a ...

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Are you one of those parents who thinks that your job is to make your child happy? If you are you may want to find a different blog to read. I have a hard time understanding parents who don't say no to their kids. What do you think you are teaching them? I actually had a woman tell me once that her job was to make her kids happy. My response was job is ...

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