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Moments in Time
Last comment by fariafara 6 months, 3 weeks ago.

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Moments in time…small moments that provide happiness, sadness, anger or multitudes of other emotions. Every moment in time is special, a life lesson, an experiment in who you are and what you are to become. Do you let a small moment in time define you? No you should not…you should allow it to increase the definition of you. During your life you will encounter many people who help mold you through the moments in time they share with you.

Looking back I can see those people who have made me who I am. Considering some situations I have been through I can sit here in awe wondering why I am not more hateful and bitter. I can tell you that hate and bitterness is a choice. I could choose to look at life negatively and find all the bad things and hold onto them or I can find the silver lining in any circumstance and hold onto it and run with it. It is a struggle at times to find the good in every situation, but it is a choice. I think of my divorce and the 12 years I spent married. I could look at the relationship and be angry and bitter and think those years were wasted. However, I have been rewarded with three beautiful children which make any amount of time worth it.

Considering how life can be cut short in an instant, I encourage all of you to cherish every single moment in time you are blessed with. Whether it be with a new friend, your children or your grandparent, look at each person as a gift, someone who is helping define you. Someone who may put a smile on your face one moment and a tear in your eye the next. Grasp every moment, the good, the bad, the silly and look at what you have learned about yourself and others. Remember that you are a moment to someone else too. I hope you will attempt to leave a trail of happiness as you travel in and out of the lives of those around you. My goal…to make many happy moments!

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StaceyH commented on Monday, Oct 31, 2011 at 22:29 PM

Part of cultivating a Good Life is ALWAYS finding the good in every moment..life is much easier when it is viewed with a positive attitude. And when you can't find the positive/silver lining... you can always call me, friend! Thanks for being in many of my "moments in time".

fariafara commented on Tuesday, Mar 24, 2015 at 07:36 AM

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