Workplace lovers: Love's Biggest Faux Pas?

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This blog post might me a little unorthodox for the Reporter and its readers. However, I keep finding myself in an interesting situation. I have an… Unusual line of work for a woman, and for years I have been thought of more as “The Cool Dude with Long Hair”, rather than a girl/lady/woman. I have worked alongside primarily men now for close the 7 years, and amazingly enough, managed to never cross the lines of professional friendship/ friend / to work place lover.
I have become, interestingly, the point of advise for my “brothers” (as in guys I work with). This means I have been having deep conversations, and at times debates, with men and their views on love and dating, more so than with women. I mentioned before, that I have never crossed the “love line” when it comes to my brothers.
Today, I had one ask me what should he do about a girl we have working in the building with us. My friend is obviously enamored with her, and she seems equally interested. Although it is considered a Faux Pas, the two seem genuinely interested for more than just a one week fling. So my question is; “Is it possible to have a genuine relationship in the work place?”
Now, in my limited experience and gathered advice from my mother, sister, father, friends, ect… I have always been told to never date in the work place. But in this case, being an outside viewer of the whole attraction/flirtations… and even though both have been warned... The magnetic pull between these two just can’t be ignored. Plus, both have active lives separate of the work place and several friends to occupy their time. The down side is what happens as soon as they have a fight. Will they be able to act professionally and leave the drama at home? Or will they make it “Office-gate” 2013?
So my opinion was this, if you are interested in some one in the same work place as yourself; you want to have as little contact during the work day as possible. Treading the bounds of smothering and aloofness are difficult, but not impossible. My reason being, the need to breathe, to have your own little jokes with co-workers, and little space more or less to yourself is as important in a relationship as being interested in your lover.
Personally, I love being able to come “home” and fill in my significant other with details of my day. This part of the day is what makes the relationship interesting between the two of us. The conversation in the evening allows us to find out what’s happening in the other’s life and allows us to vent if needed.
Work place lovers: Love’s Biggest Faux Pas? I think, if respectful of the space and needs of one another, it can be done… Just make sure the dirty laundry stays at home! :D

Thanks for reading! I would love to read your opinions below! Let me know how you feel on this topic!

LadyAvm ;)

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